Camp Fannin Roll of Honor

The continued work of Elmer Horne

Fannin Veterans who died in uniform during World War II
All gave some, but some gave all.



Abney through Barnhill

ABNEY, Samuel Bruce, PFC, 38682304, DOB 1925. a) Emory, Texas, b) 1944, 13th Regt. c) 2 Jan 1945, Behren, France, about six miles east of Saarbrucken, Germany. d) Co. F, 411th Inf Regt, 103rd Inf Div. e) Samuel was given the mission of furnishing protection for a group of tank destroyers. While advancing toward the enemy lines, the entire task force was subjected to intense enemy fire, pinning them to the ground and necessitating their withdrawal. It is believed that Samuel was wounded and unable to withdraw when the order was given. As this action took place in enemy territory, a search for Samuel could not be made. A few days later, this territory was taken by our troops, but Samuel could not be found. f) Smyrna Community in Rains County, Emory, Texas. g) Sister, Ruth Gowin, Rt. 2, Box 150, Emory, Texas 75440; 903-473-2660. h) Purple Heart, Combat Infantry Badge.

ADAMS, Alfred J., Cpl., 33581526. DOB 2/29/24. a) Yeadon, Pennsylvania. c) 9 November 1944, west of Falquemont, France, on approach to Maginot Line. d) I/317/80. e) Stanton: 'The division attacked across the Seille River 8 November 1944 with three regiments abreast It advanced despite mud, mines, and highway congestion to seize a bridge at Faulquemont over the Neide Allemande River on 20 November 1944. g) Joe Adams, nephew, 7283 Valley Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19128. jaaOOl, who wants to hear from anyone who knew his uncle. h)Purple Heart, Combat Infantry Badge.

ALTIS, Iva! H., PFC, 38568370, DOB 1914. a) Blackwell, OK: grew up in Missouri, b) May 1944 ,A/57/12. c) 5 Oct 1944, Hurplemont, France. d) K/141/36. e) Member of a night reconnaissance patrol which made its way to within 15 yards ofan enemy machine gun nest g) Daughter, Imogene Woods, 1167 West Shawnee Street, Springfield, Mo. 65810-2294. h) Played piano and mandolin, wrote a beautiful piec,e called "Sunset At Sea" on the boat going over. Purple Heart, Combat Infantry Badge.

AMICK, Lynn Bernard, PFC, 37682024, DOB 10/17/10. a) Colome, South Dakota. b) Winter 1943-44. c) 16 November 1944, near St. Die in the Vosges Mountains, France. d) E/409/103. e) Stanton: The 103rd Infantry Division arrived at Marseille, France on 20 October 1944 and relieved the 3rd Infantry Division at Chevry 8-9 November 1944. It attacked toward St. Die in the Vosges Mountains 16 November 1944 and fought through strong opposition to clear the hill mass below the town. f) Epinal American Cemetery, Epinal, France, Plot A, Row 11, Grave 6 g) Tiffany K. Weidner, 7th Grade, Colome Junior High School, Colome,South Dakota. h) Go to <> for additional information. Purple Heart, Combat Infantry Badge.

APITZ, Harold Arthur, Pvt., 37600391, DOB 28 February 1925. a) Henderson, Sibley County, Minnesota. b) July-September 1944. This was an abbreviated basic training cycle due to urgent demand for replacements. c) 9 February 1945, in vicinity of Udenbreth in the Seigfried Line,. Germany. d) A/393/99. e) Having played a historic role in stopping the German Counteroffensive in the Battle of the Bulge, the 99th Division pursued the retreating Germans relentlessly through deep snow, mountainous terrain, frigid cold, minefields, and deadly fire from pillboxes, and suffered heavy casualties. See also on the web "A pictorial account of the 393rd Infantry Regiment in combat." f) Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery, Belgium, Plot C, Row 11, Grave 60. g) Terry Hirsch <>; Peter Schouteten and Ruth Ann Buck of the Dutch non-profit organization Foundation United Adopters American War Graves .. h) Purple Heart, Combat Infantry Badge. Picture at right with mother during furlough December 12-21, 1944. Posted 19 June 2015.

ARMOUR, Herbert C., Pvt., 34988565. a) Southaven, Mississippi. b) May-July 1944. c) 10 Feb 1945, near Trier, Germany, near Luxembourg border shortly after crossing Sauer River. d) K/417/76. e) 40mm mortar round landed in foxhole Herbert and another soldier were sharing. f) Buried in Luxembourg cemetery, later moved. g) Brother, H. Frank Armour, 794 Alleghany Cove, Southaven, Mississippi 38671. h) 417th Regt. part of 417th RCT which received a presidential citation "for outstanding performance of duly in action against the enemy from 7 to 12 February 1945 in the vicinity of Echternach, Luxembourg." Purple Heart, Combat Infantry Badge.

ARMSTRONG, Lloyd E., PFC, 38629842. a) Navarro County, Texas. g) Carl A. Settle, 124 Culotta Drive, Hampton, Virginia 23666.

BAILEY, Joe Wilson, PFC, 38671835, DOB October 1, 1908. a) Elgin, Texas. b) Spring 1944. c) 24 Dec mile southeast of Manhay, Belgium. d) Co. B, 48 Armd Inf Bn, 7 Armd Div. e) Rifleman with antitank platoon. His squad was defending roadblock when enemy laid down barrage on his position and squad ordered to withdraw. He was not present when squad was reorganized. f) Later determined that his remains had been recovered by enemy and buried in German Military Cemetery, Ittenbach; reinterred 30 Jul 63 Fort Sam Houston Military Cemetery. San Antonio, Texas, g) Walter E. Bailey, brother, Bastrop. Texas, and Ailene Bailey Kelley, niece. Route 1, Box 361-9, Hawkins, Texas 75765. Additional information provided by Wesley Johnston, Historian, 7th Armored Division Association, whose splendid website, 48b-1944-12.htm, continues to express doubts about the reported fate of the 34 men including Joe Wilson Bailey of Company B, 48th Armored Infantry Battalion reported MIA as of 24 December 1944. h) Purple Heart, Combat Infantry Badge.

BAIRD, Edgar W., Pvt., 36977305, DOB 26 April 1909. a) Marysville, St Clair County, Michigan. b) between May-November 1944. c) 8 February 1945, vicinity Obermehlen, Germany. d) I/3/22/4. e) Stanton: On 17 January 1945 the 87th Division took over the 4th Division's zone along the Sauer from Echremach to Wasserbilling, releasing the 4th Division to seize the heights overlooking the Our and cross the river at Bettendorf 22 January 1945. It resumed the offensive 29 January 1945 and advanced into Gennany 1 February, breaching the outer defenses of the West (& Wall along the Schnee Eifel River near Brandscheid on 4 February. On the 9 February the division crossed
the Pruem River. f) American Military Cemetery, Henri-Chapelle, Belgium, Plot F, Row 14, Grave 51. g) Terry Hirsch <>; Peter Schouteten and Danny van der Groen of the Dutch non-profit organization Foundation United Adopters of American War Graves; daughter Violet Baird. h) Purple Heart, Combat Infantry Badge.

BAKER, Ernest E., Pvt., 35769514. a) Charleston, West Virginia. b) Fall 43-Spring 44, C/78/16. c) 23 June 44, France. f) U. S. Military Cemetery, St. Laurent, France, Plot M, Row 10, Grave 182; re-interred near Charleston, W. Va. g) Winston A. Bailey. 27211 Cranford Lane, Dearborn Heights, Michigan 48127, who grew up with deceased in Charleston, W. Va. and was at Fannin at same time. h) Purple Heart, Combat Infantry Badge.

BARILE, William, PFC., 35929638, DOB 7/17/1912. a) Mahoning County, Ohio. b) 1944. c) 10 May 45, near Balete Pass, Luzon, Philippines. d) 126/32, attached to 25th Division at time of death. e) Stanton: The 25th Infantry Division made a contested three-pronged drive on Balete Pass. The division was reinforced by the 148th and 126th Infantry but the Pass was not taken until 13 May 45 after a fierce battle for Kapintalan Ridge. f) Arlington National Cemetery. g) Katherine A. (Mrs. Earl) Park, 12821 McGowan Drive, Tyler, Texas 75707-9665, from Dedication Biographies, 1946 Raven Annual, Youngstown, Ohio. Additional information acquired in November 2009 from Internet posting by Anne Cady. h) Purple Heart, Combat Infantry Badge.

BARNDOLLAR. Martin D., Jr., Col., 0-007030. a) Everett, Pennsylvania. b) 29 May-3 Aug 43, commanding officer ' Camp Fannin Branch Immaterial Replacement Training Center. c) 4 Jul 44, Carentan sector, Normandy. d) Commanding 33lstRegt, 83rd Div. e) From Breakout and Pursui U.S. Anny in World War II: "To advance down the Carentan-Periers road, the 331 st Infantry was to attack along the right of the highway ... The 83rd fired a ten-minute artillery preparation and jumped off at daybreak ... Two hours later, Colonel Bamdollar was dead with a bullet below his heart." g) Statement on page 25 of Gordon Neilson's book, Camp Fannin, Texas: A Fitly-Year Perspective-, death reported in 3 Aug 44 issue of Camp Fannin Guidon. h) The colonel's wife Esther well remembered by Camp Fannin Association's corresponding secretary, Viola Errett, a friend at Fannin. Purple Heart, Combat Infantry Badge.

BARNHILL, Lucian A., 1st Lt., 0-513998. a) Brooksville, Mississippi. b) 1944, A/82, 2nd Lt., platoon leader. c) 20 December 1944, between Saarlautern bridgehead and the Waldbilling/Haller area. d) 10th Reg., 5th Div. e) Stanton: On 16 December 1944, the Gennan Ardennes counteroffensive began, and the 5th Inf Div. relieved the 95th Inf Div. at the Saarlautem bridgehead, attacking out of it 18 December 1944. After slow progress Waldbilling and Haller fell 25 December 1944. Lt. Barnhill was killed by a German sniper. f) Lorraine American Cemetery, St. Avoid (Moselle), France, Plot A, Row 30, Grave 25. g) Merle W. Kribbs, 6331 County Road 385, Dublin, Texas 76446-4132, who writes "Lt. Barnhill was my training officer during the early part of 1944. I remember him so well because he made me dig a foxhole in a rocky creek bed because I failed to fire my rifle." h) Purple Heart, Combat Infantry Badge