Camp Fannin Roll of Honor

The continued work of Elmer Horne

Fannin Veterans who died in uniform during World War II
All gave some, but some gave all.



Beale thru Brewer

BEALE, RobertE., Pvt, 38687394. a) Navarro County, Texas. g) Carl A. Settle, 124 Culotta Drive, Hampton, Virginia 23666.

BEARD, Marvin, Pv1., 38642487, date of birth 1916. a) Timpson, Texas. b) March-June 1944, A/66/14. c) September 16, 1944, Saint-Pierre, on the outskirts of Brest, France. d) Company I, I 15th Regt, 29th Infantry Division. e) Stant.on: The 29th Division was moved west from Nonnandy by mot.or int.o Brittany t.o positions outside the fortress of Bres which it began attacking August 25, 1944. An all-out assault on the city began September 8 and Gennan resistance collapsed September 18. t) U.S. Military Cemetery, St James, France, Plot N, Row 5, Grave 118; brought home in April 1949 and re-buried at Cold Springs Cemetery, Garrison, Texas. g) Niece, Becky Palmer, 10210 FM 16E, Tyler, Texas 75706. h) Father of three at the time of his death. Purple Heart, Combat Infantry Badge.

BERRY, Charles J., PFC, 33664117. a) Virginia. c) 3 March 45. d) 310/ 78. f) Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery, Belgium, Plot D, Row 12, Grave 26. g) Carl A. Settle, 124 Culotta Drive, Hampton, Virginia 23666. h) Purple Heart, Combat Infantry Badge.

BIEN, Lonnie Lester, Pvt., RA 38536596. a) Brownwood, Texas, b) 1943, D/59/12. c) 5 August 1944, Chattanev, France. d) B/329/83. e) Stanton: The division landed across Omaha Beach on 19 June 1944 and attacked against strong opposition toward Periers 4 July 1944. St. Eny fell 9 July 1944 and the division regrouped along the Ays River 15 July 1944. The division renewed its attack 26 July 1944 as part of the Operation Cobra breakout, and in heavy combat crossed the Taute River the next day. After consolidation, the division followed the 6th Armored Division and reached the fortified city of St. Malo 4 August 1944. It began the Battle of St. Malo the same day and forced back German defenders to the strongpoints of The Citadel and Dinard after combined assaults. f) St. James American Cemetery south of Avranches, Plot A, Row 10, Grave 246; re-buried in 1948 at Greenleaf Cemetery, Brownwood, Texas 76801. g) Son, R. L Bien, 101 Oak Grove, Boerne, Texas 78006-1734, who remembers attending his father’s funeral in Brownwood at age 5. Would like to hear from anyone who has information about his father’s service and death. h) Bronze Star Medal (left), Purple Heart, Combat Infantry Badge.

BISSEN, Henry, PFC, 30110928. a) Hawaii. c) 29 April 45. d) 407/102. f) Netherlands American Cemetery, Margraten, Plot C, Row 7, Grave 3. g) Carl A. Settle. 124 Culotta Drive, Hampton. Virginia 23666. h) Purple Heart, Combat Infantry Badge.

BLANK, Russell Davis, Jr., PFC, 35833090, DOB 5/8/1918. a) Mahoning County, Ohio. c) 27 Jan 45, Vicinity of Sarreguernines, France. d) 71/44 Inf. Div. e) Stanton: The Gennan Nordwind Counteroffensive strock the 44th Infantry Division eastof Saneguemines on 1 January 1945 and drove it back to the Rimling vicinity, the Gennan forces retaking Gros Rederching and re-entering Aachen on 3 January before their advance was halted. The division's efforts to regain ground were stopped on a line extending along the Boies de Blies Brucken to just north of Gros Rederching. t) Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery, Youngstown, Ohio. g) Katherine A. (Mrs. Earl) Park, 12821 McGowan Drive, Tyler, Texas 75707-9665. from Dedication Biographies, 1946 Raven Annual, Youngstown, Ohio. and Shane Olsen. h) Purple Heart, Combat Infantry Badge. Updated 8 August 2013.

BLANQUART, William E., T/5, 31348229. a) Berkshire County, Massachusetts. b) August-November 1943. c) Pacific area. g) Dr. Leo Jensen, 195 Horseshoe Circle, Athens, Georgia 30605-3423. They were in same training cycle at Fannin. h) Purple Heart, Combat Infantry Badge.

BOHNHOFF, Carl Joseph Sr., Pvt, 38499694_ a) Louisiana b) 1944, N68. c) June 13, 1944, nearCaumont, France. d) 26th Regiment, I st Infantry Division. e) Stanton: The 1st Infantry Division assaulr.ed Omaha Beach on D-Day June 6, 1944 in the face of fierce opposition. The 16th Infantry Regiment reached the St Lo-Bayeux highway June JO and the 18th and 26th Regiments seized Gaumont June 13. t) Normandy American Cemetery, Colleville-sur-Mer, France, Plot J, Row 13, Grave 14. g) Only grandchild, Mrs. Sheryl Raffat Saeed, Sheldon, Harris County, Texas. h) Purple Heart, Combat Infantry Badge.

BONSIGNORE, Salvatore, Pvt. b) Aug-Dec 43, A/81. c) 20 Oct 44, Leyte, P.I. g) Eric Diller, 504 Via La Selva, Redondo Beach, CA 90277; (310) 375-2024;; in same barracks with deceased at Camp Fannin. h) Purple Heart, Combat Infantry Badge.

BRANDEL, Otto J., Pvt., 37644661. a) Brinktown, Missouri. b) August-December 1944. c)13 March 1945, Mindanao, Philippine Islands. d) 41st Infantry Division. e) Stanton: The 41st Infantry Division departed Biak Island by echelon 29 January-1 February 1945 and disembarked at Mindoro, Philippine Islands 8-9 February 1945. The 186th Infantry Regiment assaulted Palawan island 28 February 1945, took Puerto Princessa and its airfields, seized Hill 1445 on 8 March 1945, and eliminated Japanese mountain positions until returned to division control at Zamboanga, Mindanao on 27 March 1945. The division had landed on Zamboanga Peninsula on Mindanao 10 March 1945 and captured Zamboanga city and Caldera Point quickly, but Mt. Capison was not taken by the 162nd Infantry until 24 March 1945. When the 163rd Infantry gained the heights near Mt. Pulungbatu 29 March 1945, organized resistance ended. f) Holy Guardian Angels Cemetery, Brinktown, Missouri. g) Nephew, Ben Duggan, 21511 Highway 17, Waynesville, Missouri 65583. h) Otto had been in the Army just over seven months when he was killed. Purple Heart, Combat Infantry Badge.

BREWER, Paul, Pvt., 35772078, DOB May 1, 1925 a) Stirrat, Logan County, W. Va. b) Sept 43-Feb 44, C/52/11. c) September 14, 1944, near the village of Montipoli, in the mountains of Italy. d) 361st Inf. Regt., 91st Inf Division. e) Stanton: The 91st Division crossed the Sieve River on September 10, 1944, going into the attack at M. Calvi, Monticelli, and Altuzzo on Septmber 12. The division was heavily engaged in this assault on the Gothic Line as the 361st and 363rd fought the Battle for M. Monticelli 12-18 September. See also 361st Infantry Gothic Line Campaign. (f) Hatfield and McCoy Cemetery, Town of Sarah Ann, Logan County, W. Va. g) Winston A. Bailey, 27211 Cranford Lane, Dearborn Heights, Michigan, who grew up with deceased in Charleston, W. Va. and trained in the same squad at Fannin. Additional information provided by Shane Olson of Hallock, Minn. and Nancee Russell, address not known. h) Purple Heart, Combat Infantry Badge.