Camp Fannin Roll of Honor

The continued work of Elmer Horne

Fannin Veterans who died in uniform during World War II
All gave some, but some gave all.



Brown thru Butler

BROWN, Bob H., Sg t, 35618875, DOB 1920. a) Shawnee County, Kansas. b) first training cycle 1943. c) 20 November 1944, in the vicinity of Schleiden-Nicdermerz, Germany. d) L/3/175/29. e) Stanton: The 29th Division began the offensive for the Roer 16 November 1944 with the 115th amd 175th regiments leading. Setterich was taken by the 116th Inf. after heavy combat 19 November, ei1abling the 2nd Annored Division to push through. The 175th Regiment took and Jost Bourheim and then recaptured it and held it in the filce of strong Gennan counter attacks 23 November. t) Netherlands American Cemetery, Margraten, Netherlands, Plot D, Row 4, Grave 29. g) Terry Hirsch, Indianapolis, Indiana; Peter Schouteten and Erwin Derhaag, Margraten, Netherlands. h) Purple Heart, Combat Infantry Badge.

BROWN, Earle Taylor, Jr., Sgt., 31358166. a) Massachusetts. b) Summer 43. c) 11 Dec 44 near Pier, Germany, near the Roer River. d) A/414/104 e) Stanton: The 104th Infantry Division crossed the Inden River at Lucherberg by surprise attack on 2 December 1944 and established a bridgehead which was subjected to strong German counterattacks 3-5 December. The division renewed its offensive 10 December to clear the west bank of the Roer, and the 414th fought the Battle for Pier 10-12 December 1944. f) Netherlands American Cemetery, Margraten, Netherlands, Plot A, Row 15, Grave 23. g) B. D. Chism, P.O. Box 254, Emory, Texas 75440, best friend. Further information provided by Carl A. Settle, 124 Culotta Drive, Hampton, Virginia 23666. h) Silver Star (left), Purple Heart, Combat Infantry Badge.

BROWN, John Hartse!, PV1., 38573235, DOB 17 October 1924. a) Dustin, Oklahoma b) October 1944-February 1945, A/64/13 c) 30 May 1945, east ofWawa Dam, Rizal province, Luzon, Philippine Islands. d) Ul51/38. e) Excerpts from a letter to John's wife from a fellow soldier, Dick Bakken: "The night before he got killed I slept in the foxhole with him. About II o'clock next morning we ran into a whole bunch of Japs. John was thefirstscoutofour squad. We laid still for a long while. When we got up and started to move again, he got hit. He didn't say a word and fell. Philippine Islands John died, instantly. Plot He Row didn't 12, suffer Grave any." 1455. f) First Re-buried buried Dustin at U.S. Cemetery, Armed Forces Dustin, Cemetery Oklahoma. #2, g) Manila, Earnest Luzon,James I, Brown, son, 443 Walnut Street, Kiefer, Oklahoma 74041. h} Purple Heart, Combat Infantry Badge, Philippine Liberation ribbon (shown in accompanying picture). Posted 19 September 2013

BROZ, Albert James, PFC, 37490921, DOB May 19, 1926. a) Iowa. c) 1 May 1945, Okinawa. d) 306/77. e) Stanton: The 306th Infantry Regiment of the 77th Infantry Division landed on Okinawa 27 April 1945, and the 77th Division relieved 96th Infantry Division on 30 April. The 307th Infantry used cargo nets and ladders in the Battle for Maeda Escarpment but then came under heavy Japanese fire from the reverse slope. The 306th Infantry was subjected to a strong Japanese counterattack. f) Honolulu American Memorial Cemetery, Plot F, Row 1, Grave 295. g) daughter, Deanne Broz Beadle, <> h) Bronze Star Medal (left), Purple Heart, Combat Infantry Badge.

BRUMFIELD, Ray W., Pvt., 35817320. a) Lexington, Kentucky. b) Sept-Dec 1944, 58/12. g) Carl A. Settle, 124 Culotta Drive, Hampton, Virginia 23666, a fellow-trainee at Fannin.

BULLARD, Kenneth, S., PFC 31378758. a) Hartford County, Connecticut. b) Aug-Dec 43, A/81. c) June, 1944, Omaha Beach, Normandy. g) Eric Diller, 504 Via La Selva, Redondo Beach, CA 90277; (310) 375-2024;; in same barracks with deceased at Camp Fannin. h) Purple Heart, Combat Infantry Badge.

BURD, James D., l't Lt, 01050575. a) Steuben County, New York. c) March 26, 1945, vicinity Dinslaken, Germany. d) G/l34/35. e) Movement from the Rhine River to an objective in the vicinity of Dinslaken between 0800 and 1530, contested by considerable 20mm and direct artillery fire. f) Woodlawn Cemetery, Canisteo, New York. g) Steven H. Sherman, 3rd cousin, 1316 Bluebird Trail, Copperas Cove, Texas 76522. h) Purple Heart, Combat Infantry Badge.

BURKHAMMER, James F., PFC. c) Wounded in action 14 April 1945 and died on 16 April. g) Terry Hirsch, Indianapolis, Indiana. Post.ed 3 February 2016. Additional infonnation to come.

BURKLOW, John Ray, Private First Class, 38607507, DOB 8 March 1924. a) Nolan County, Texas. b) A/57. c) 22 September 1944, near Firenzuola, Tuscany, Italy. d) 363rd Infantry Regiment, 9 I st Infantry Division. e) Allied forces had just succeeded in breaching the formidable mountainous Gothic Line, with the 363rd Regiment having driven north through Monticelli in the preceding days. f) Florence American Cemetery and Memorial, Florence, Toscana, Italy, Plot G, Row I, Grave 23. g) Dana Kristin Russell, grandniece, h) Purple Heart, Combat Infantry Badge.

BUTLER, Bobbie 0., Pvt. 38555126. a) Texas. c) 2 July 44. d) 116/29. f) Normandy American Cemetery, Colleville-sur-Mer, France. g) Bart J. Engram, 1214 McLynn Avenue NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30306. h) Purple Heart, Combat Infantry Badge.