Camp Fannin Roll of Honor

The continued work of Elmer Horne

Fannin Veterans who died in uniform during World War II
All gave some, but some gave all.



Hamblin thru Herbert

HAMBLIN, Lacy M., PFC, 34876878. a) Sledge, Mississippi. b) December 1943 - April 1944, C/81/15. c) 10
December 1944, Folpersweiler, France. d) C/134/35. e) Killed in German counterattack. Stanwn: The 134th Infanuy Regiment wok Hilsprich with tanks and massive artillery fire on 24 November 1944. The division pushed inw Sarreguemines 6 December 1944 and the 134th and 32dh Regiments assaulted across the Saar River the next day and defended their bridgehead against strong German attacks. Saareguemines was reduced after house-w-house combat 11 December 1944. t) U. S. Military Cemetery, Limey, France; permanent burial Crenshaw, Mississippi. g) Nephew, Randolph Fair, 1712 Pinewood Drive, Huntsville, Alabama 35806. h) Purple Heart, Combat Infantry Badge.

HANEY, Robert L., Jr., Pvt. a) Muskegon Heights, Michigan. b) D/61/13. c) 3 May 1945, Okinawa. f) Mona View Cemetery, Muskegon Heights, Mich. g) Thomas C. Vermilya, Jr., 3808 Ponta Luna Road, Fruitport, Mich. “We were classmates in school, both trained at Fannin and Ft. Ord, went overseas together and landed on Okinawa as replacements and placed in different units.” Learned of Robert’s death by letter from home, later saw listing of Muskegon County War Dead in Nov. 12, 1945 issue of Muskegon Chronicle.

HANF, Roy Edward, PFC, 37628607. a) Cape Girardeau, Missouri. b) 1943- 44. c) 12 Oct. 1944, Foret de Parroy, near Luneville, France. d) G/315/79. e) On a mission with his unit to secure the enemy from a wooded area. Killed by shell fragments from enemy mortar and small arms fire. f) Epinal American Cemetery, Epinal, France, Plot B, Row 18, Grave 37. g) Jim Dollar, Lt. Col. (Ret). “Roy Hanf was a member of the 3rd Platoon, Co. G, 315th Inf., 79th Div. I was his platoon leader as a 1st Lt.” Additional information provided by Fannin Vet Carl A. Settle, 124 Culotta Drive, Hampton, Virginia 23666. h) Roy Hanf was 37 years old when he was killed. He had worked more than 20 years for International Shoe Company in Cape Girardeau at the time of his induction. He was a member of Trinity Lutheran Church and the Walther League.

HANNA, James R., Jr., PFC, 38590781 a) Ottawa County, Oklahoma b) Fall 1943-Spring 1944, B/63/13. c) 1945, Mindanao, P.I. d) 34/24 (?). g) J. D. Henley, 12321 Swanson, Marana, Arizona 85653. In same company at Fannin. Heard about James’ death from another member of his Fannin company, Irving Herndon. “I know for certain that Irving Herndon was in the 34th Regiment of the 24th Division in Mindanao in 1945, and he told me that Hanna was KIA in Mindanao in 1945.”

HARMS, Robert E., Pvt., 37581684, April 24, 1924. a) Pencer, Minnesota b) 1943-44. c) September 10, 1944, vicinity Coat-Ly-Ogan, Crozon Peninsula, Brittany, France. d) 175th Regiment/29th Infantry Division. e) Stanton: On 29 July 1944, the 29th Infantry Divisionattacked east of Percy and captured contested Vire 7 August 1944. The division was moved west by motor into Brittany to positions outside the fortress of Brest, which it began attacking 25 August 1944. The 116th and 175th Infantry Regiments assaulted the Le Conquet Peninsula containing the formidable Batterie Graf Spee, and on 29 August 1944 the division seized the crest of key Hill 103 but the battle for this commanding feature took several more days. The all-out assault on the city was made 8 September 1944 and German resistance collapsed there on 18 September 1944. f) Hope Cemetery, Roseau, Minnesota. g) Shane Olson, Adjutant, 9th District Sons of American Legion, 216 Railroad Avenue South, Halma, Minnesota 56729-2908, who learned of his death while researching for soldiers from his area killed during the war. Shane Olson also provided information for Lawrence F. Folden, another Fannin vet from his area of Minnesota, also killed in Brittany in September 1944 while fighting with the 8th Infantry Division. “Lawrence Folden and Robert Harms were in the same vicinity of Coat-Ly-Ogan when they were killed just three days apart,” Shane reports. h) Entered service in early 1943 and went overseas May 1944. Previously wounded and sent to England, then returned to his unit.

HAWN, Herman Allen, PFC, 37694854. a) Conway, Iowa. b) 18 April 44 – 8 Sept. 44, B/83/15. c) 29 April 45, Luhoff, Germany. d) B/65AIB/20 Armd. e) Stanton: “The Division attacked through the 42nd and 45th Inf Div lines to open the drive on Munich 28 April 1945 as it crossed the Danube. It advanced rapidly to Munich where it cleared strong opposition in certain sectors 29-30 Apr. 45”. g) Evelyn Axtell, former CFA president, 11728 Farm Rd. 2767, Tyler, Texas 75708-9244; CFA Member Joyce W. Johnson, RR #1, Box 81, Blanchard, Iowa 51630, and CFA Member Lowell Hawn, Herman’s brother, 603 Oberlin Avenue, College Springs, Iowa 51637. h) Herman was 18 when he died, won the Bronze Star.

HAYES, Walter W. Please send any information you have about Walter W. Hayes.

HEATON, C. Ralph, Sgt., 35233638. b) Aug. – Fall 1943, C/56/12. c) 17 Oct. 44, somewhere in Austria. d) Army Air Force. e) Tail-gunner on bomber shot down over Austria. f) Buried at crash site in Austria (exact spot unknown). g) Lee McCool, in same company at Fannin, 6172 McKenzie Rd., North Olmsted, Ohio 44070-4903. “In the early Fall of 1943 (and you may well remember it), all trainees had the opportunity for a short time to get into the USAF. Ralph got the necessary birth certificate and letters of recommendation and was on his way. Ironically, Ralph said he wanted out of the Infantry because ‘it was too easy to get killed’. In 2001, I ran an ad in ‘Good Old Days’ Magazine and received a letter from a lady in Marietta, Georgia saying she was a cousin of Ralph’s. She sent me names of a sister and two brothers of Ralph’s, and a letter and phone call got the information.” h) Ralph received Air Medal with 2 stars.

HEBERT, Dennis, PFC. a) New Iberia, Louisiana. b) Sept. 43-March 44. c) Philippine Islands, date uncertain, hand grenade. d) A/126/32. e) Stanton: 126th rejoined 32nd Div. at sea 9-14 Nov. 44 while in transit to Philippine Islands, and landed at Leyte 14 Nov. 44; landed at Lingayen Gulf Luzon 27 Jan. 45; attached to 25th Inf Div. 23 May-30 June 45. f) Philippines. g) Martin Hickman, 407 Reynolds, Taft, Texas 78390. “He was the best friend I ever had. Best friends from Camp Fannin until his death. We were lying side by side when he was wounded. I went to see him next morning and medic told me he had died at 10 p.m. He tried to be a perfect soldier.” h) Purple Heart, Combat Infantry Badge.