Camp Fannin Roll of Honor

The continued work of Elmer Horne

Men and women who died in the service of their country during World War II who had been stationed at Camp Fannin, Texas. Available information is identified by the following alphabetical code :

a) hometown or state;
b) dates and unit at Camp Fannin;
c) date and place of death;
d) unit assignment at time of death;
e) circumstances of death;
f) places of burial (temporary and permanent);
g) name and relationship of person(s) submitting information;
h) miscellaneous information (awards, age at death, etc.)

Fannin Veterans who died in uniform during World War II
All gave some, but some gave all.


We add names of Camp Fannin veterans who died in uniform during World War II and make corrections continuously to our Roll of Honor as new information is provided. If you have personal knowledge of the death in uniform of someone not currently on the Roll who served at Camp Fannin, please nominate him or her for membership in the Camp Fannin Roll of Honor. Write to Roll of Honor, PO Box132024, Tyler, Texas 75713 requesting a nomination form or e-mail your request to Also, please notify us at the same address whenever you find a broken link or other aberration.

The Camp Fannin Roll of Honor lists only the names of Camp Fannin veterans whose deaths in uniform during World War II have been documented. We waited until 1991 to form a Camp Fannin Association, which triggered creation of the Roll. Had we acted in 1951 or 1961, we would have had access to a vastly greater body of information and our Roll of Honor would include perhaps hundreds of additional names. But we're still trying and maybe one day we'll stumble upon a lode which to this point has never been discovered despite patient, systematic search. Meantime, we continue to add names which come in- slowly, to be sure, but steadily.

The first Roll, published in the Spring 1995 issue of the Association newspaper, Camp Fannin Guidon, listed 26 names. The most recent issue, dated 4 February 2016, contains 245 names. We are especially grateful to Terry Hirsch of Indianapolis, Indiana who provided us a list of 14 additional Camp Fannin heroes in June 2015, and additional information on two men previously listed, Frederick B. Coldicott and Rufus Smith.

It is important to note that trainees were not the only Fannin veterans killed in uniform in World War II. Cadre were regularly reassigned to combat units, and a number of cadre members are to be found on our Roll of Honor, including Col. Martin Barndollar, who was killed in Normandy July 4, 1944. He had been commander of the Camp Fannin Branch Immaterial Replacement Training Center (BIRTC) before it was redesignated Camp Fannin Infantry Replacement Training Center (IR TC).

One thing that has always been a worry to Camp Fannin Association is our inability to find the names of everyone who should be on our Roll of Honor. It would seem at first glance that chances of ever having a complete Roll are waning with the ever-accelerating rate of mortality of Fannin vets. But there are very real reasons to hope that we will be able to add dozens if not hundreds of names before we're done.

To put a name to that hope , call it the Carl A. Settle Phenomenon. Carl is a Fannin vet who has never been satisfied with less than full information. He's a highly-skilled researcher who uses primarily the Internet in his diligent search for the facts related to Camp Fannin veterans who died in uniform during WWII.