Camp Fannin Roll of Honor

The continued work of Elmer Horne

Fannin Veterans who died in uniform during World War II
All gave some, but some gave all.



Jackson thru Jumper

JACKSON, Kenneth D., Pvt., 37739022. a) Augusta, Kansas. b) March-Sept 1944, B/63/13. c) 20 Nov. 44, Germany. d) 175/29. e) Stanton: The 29th Division began the offensive for the Roer 16 Nov. 44 with the 115th and 175th regiments leading… The 175th took and lost Bourheim and then recaptured it and held it in the face of strong German counterattacks. f) Netherlands American Cemetery, Margraten, Netherlands, Plot E, Row 16, Grave 6. g) John C. Oliver, 140 Residence, El Dorado, Kansas 67042-1544, from information provided by Kenneth Jackson’s wife, Frances E. Jackson, 1301 Dearborn St, Augusta, Kansas 67010-1823: “…Would like very much to hear from you if you have any information. We had two little girls age 2 and 4.” h) Purple Heart, Combat Infantryman Badge.

JAMES, George P., 38347854. b) Fall 43 – Spring 44, B/63/13. f) Ft. Sam Houston, Texas. Added 13 March 2014, courtesy of Shane Olson. g) J. D. Henley, 12321 Swanson, Marana, Arizona 85653. In same company at Fannin. Received information from George James’ wife in 1946.

JAROSZ, Walter A., PFC, 33925241. a) Pennsylvania. c) 6 April, 1945, Germany. d) 290/75. e) Stanton: The 75th Division attacked across the canal to Waltrop on 4 Apr 45 and began clearing the approaches to Dortmund. The division was reinforced by the 320th Regiment and crossed the Ruhr at Witten with four regiments, taking two bridges intact. f) Netherlands American Cemetery, Margraten, Netherlands, Plot …, Row 15, Grave 6. g) Carl A. Settle, 124 Culotta Drive, Hampton, Virginia 23666. h) Purple Heart, Combat Infantry Badge.

JARVIS, Julian W., Sgt, 3973059, DOB January 13, 1925. a) Bradensburg, Maryland. b) Sept 12, 1943 – March 1944. c) August 30, 1944 at Kerlouan, France, vicinity of Brest in Brittany. d) L Co., 9th Regt., 2nd Infantry Division. e) Stanton: The Second Infantry Division advanced across the Vire River and took Tichebray on August 15, 1944. On August 17, it entered Brittany and on August 25 began the assault on the strong outer defenses of the German fortified city of Brest and seized Hill 105 which dominated the eastern approaches. f) Unites States Military Cemetery at St. Lo. Reinterred July 9, 1948 at Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia, Section 12, Site 2390. g) Niece, Eileen M. Jarvis, … Court, Fairfax, Virginia 22032. h) Julian was one of five brothers who served in the military during WW II. She said that he had been in the army only a year and three weeks at the time of his death, but had already read a letter to Julian’s mother from Headquarters 9th U, S. Infantry at Fort Lewis, Washington; the letter advised Mrs. Jarvis that a chapel at Fort Lewis had been dedicated to “… Julian, and to the other men who bravely fought and died for our country while members of this famous Regiment.” Julian received the Purple Heart Medal and the Combat Infantry Badge.

JEHLE, Charles W., PFC. 37647566. a) West Liberty, Iowa. b) 10/2/44? c) 9 June 1945, Hill 95, Okinawa. d) 11/7. e) Stanton: On 26 May 1945, the 7th Infantry Division ran into enemy strongpoints covering Shuri. The division seized key positions by the end of the month in spite of this opposition and reached the southeast coast of Okinawa on 1 June 1945. The battle for Hill 95 began 5 June 1945 as the 17th and 32nd Regiments used naval gunfire, corps artillery, and flame throwing tanks. f) Honolulu Memorial, Honolulu, Hawaii. Plot E, Row 0, Grave 794. g) Kent L. Jehle, nephew, 5094 Lower West Ranch Road, SE, Iowa City, Iowa; (913) 356-5832, daytime. Additional information provided by Carl A Settle, 124 Culotta Drive, Hampton, Virginia 23666. h) Bronze Star Medal (left), Purple Heart, Combat Infantry Badge.

JEMES, William Wilfred, Pvt., 37645472. a) Lebanon, Missouri. b) A/83/15, Aug – Dec 1944. c) 20 March 1945, Germany. d) 304th Inf. e) Died while crossing the Moselle River. f) Mount Zion Cuba Cemetery, Wright County, Missouri. g) Wilbert W. Amos, 301 E. Fremont, Lebanon, Missouri 65536-4365. “I knew him before we went into the service and we were in the same barracks at Camp Fannin. I learned of his death from friends.” h) Purple Heart, Combat Infantry Badge.

JOHNSON, Lionel F. a) Snyder, Texas_ b) Fall 43-Spring 44, B/63/13. c) 1944 or 45, Philippines. g) J. D. Henley, 12321 Swanson, Marana, Arizona 85653. In same company at Fannin. J.D. says: "In 1948 or 49 I worked for Calloway Cartage, Ft. Worth, Texas. Lionel F. Johnson's tombstone came onto my loading dock and I taped a letter to it. A few days later his mother wrote and said he was killed in the Philippine Islands."

JOHNSON, Thurman A., Pvt., 38532706. a) Texas. c) 14 Oct. 44, near Wuerselen, Germany. d) 116/29. e) Stanton: The 116th Infantry Regiment was detached from the 29th Div. and participated in the Urbach Bridgehead Battle 5 Oct., and the Gap fighting 13 Oct. 44, and frontally assaulted Wuerselen. f) Netherlands American Cemetery, Margaten, Netherlands, Plot L, Row 18, Grave 4. g) Bart J. Engram, 1214 McLynn Ave. NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30306. h) Purple Heart, Combat Infantry Badge.

JOHNSTON, Roy E., Pvt. a) Glenlyn, Virginia. b) Fall 1943. c) May 14, 1944, Italy. t) Peterstown Cemetery, Rich Creek, Virginia. Added 13 March 2014, courtesy Shane Olson. Previously reported missing in action; body not recovered. g) Shane Olson, Adjutant, 9th District Sons of American Legion, 216 Railroad Avenue South, Halma, Minnesota 56729-2908, who learned of his death while researching for soldiers killed during the war. h) Entered the service August 1943, trained at Camp Fannin, arrived in Italy March I 944, reported missing in action on May 14. Age 29 at death. Survivors included wife. An 8-year employee of the Chrisiianburg Canning Company, finally 1n charge of produce sales in the West Virginia territory where "he made an enviable record for three years before being called to military duty." Purple Heart, Combat Infaniry Badge.

JUMPER, Isaac Wilmer, Pvt., 38686968. a) Quinlan, Texas. b) May 25-Oct. 26, 1944, D/58/12. c) 17 Jan. 45, Schoppen, Belgium. d) F /I 6/1. e) Killed by an enemy sheH burst while on a three-man patrol. Per letter to Mrs. Jumper from Headquarters, I 6th Regiment: "Your husband was killed in action on 17 Jan. [945 during an assault by the 16th Infantry against enemy defensive positions on the northern flank of the German Ardennes Salient in Belgium. Advancing through heavy snow, the assault units attacked the enemy positions and occupied a vital road center forcing the enemy to withdraw and hastening the collapse of the enemy's offensive effort. In this action your husband was instantly killed by the explosion of an enemy artillery shell." t) Henri Chapelle Cemetery in Belgium, reburied at Wesi Cemetery in Quinlan, Texas. g) Daughter, Carol Jumper Mercer, 6355 Newt Patterson Road, Mansfield, Texas 76063; (817) 478-3827;, h) Bronze Star (left), Purple Heart, Combat Infantry Badge. Per letter from his company headquarters: "Isaac at all times was a good soldier and was well-liked by both officers and men. He continually displayed the habits and bearing of a soldier and gentleman, and had the real respect and friendship of all who knew hlni. He died as he lived, courageously, in the performance of a difficult mission." Photo at left shows Memorial Bench at Camp Fannin Memorial on site of the old camp near Tyler, Texas ..