Camp Fannin Roll of Honor

The continued work of Elmer Horne

Fannin Veterans who died in uniform during World War II
All gave some, but some gave all.


Lauria thru Lowery

LAURIA, Joseph Ralph, PFC, 32953165. a) West New York, New Jersey b) 1943-44. c) 13 July 1944, near St. Lo, France. d) G/320/35. e) Stanton: The 35th Infantry Division arrived over Omaha Beach, France 5-8 July 1944 and the 137th Infantry Regiment attacked along the Vire 11 July 1944...The 320th Infantry Regiment held to small gains north of St. Lo. On 14 July 1944, the division was able to reach the Pont Hebert-St. Lo Highway. f ) Interred U. S. Military Cemetery, La Cambe, France, disinterred 31 October 1947 and returned to U. S. for burial in Veterans plot at Flower Hill Cemetery, North Bergen, New Jersey, in February 1948. g) Nephew, Ralph P. Simeone,, 116 Plum Lane, Milford, Pennsylvania 18337, who writes, "Joseph's mother Clara and his siblings, Ralph, Clara, Mary and James are all deceased and had no idea how he died. We just [2005] received his Individual Deceased Personnel File." h) Purple Heart, Combat Infantry Badge.

LEE, Wayford, Pvt., 38532757. a) Texas. c) 22 Sept. 44, Southern France. d) 179/45. e) Stanton: The 179th saw heavy combat at Meximieux 1-2 Sept. 44. In heavy fighting, Villersexel was seized 13 Sept. 44 and the 179th crossed the Moselle in the Chatel area 21-22 Sept. 44. f) Epinal American Cemetery, Epinal, France, Plot B, Row 8, Grave 72. g) Bart J. Engram, 1214 McLynn Ave. NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30306. h) Purple Heart, Combat Infantry Badge.

LELLELID, Imar H., PFC, 37581714. a) Moody County, South Dakota. b) Jan,-April 44, 82nd Bn g) Waldemar Framstad, 3021 Shore Drive, Apt. 105, Marinette, Wisconsin 54143, who says: "all I remember is his last name, because it is a Norwegian name."(Update: 28 Jan 2020)

LINDHOLM, John Milton, Sgt., 39862039. a) Warren, Arizona. b) Aug.-Nov. 1943, D/63/13. c) 17 Dec. 44, vicinity of Elsenborn Ridge, Belgium. d) M/393/99. e) Per Aug. 45 letter to Johnny’s parents from his company commander, Capt. J.E. Veneklasen: "John was in command of a machine gun squad in the line, and when I assigned his friend Sgt. (now Lt.) Malcolm Pierson [also in same Fannin company and in ASTP at LSU with Johnny] to a mortar squad, I called John in to see if he wanted to be a reconnaissance sergeant.

This meant that he would live in the company command post and work with the reconnaissance officer and me. He hesitated since he did not want to leave his squad, but decided to take the job…Then when the German offensive started December 16, we found ourselves hit on all sides, and pretty much surrounded, but we held our position. That night John stayed in the same foxhole with the first sergeant and myself, taking turns at watch. On the 17th, things were no better, and John occasionally made the rounds of the gun positions, checking to see if all was well. On one trip he saw several Germans in the woods with men in American uniforms. Since the Germans had been using our uniforms to penetrate our lines, he decided to investigate, and dashed across the road. That is the last time we saw him. John was a brilliant boy (the highest IQ in the company), fearless, and with a mature head, which gained him the respect of all the officers and men despite his youth [age 19 at death]."

Stanton: The 99th Infantry Division landed at Le Havre, France on 3 November 1944 and assembled at Aubel, Belgium, and entered the line north of the Roer River between Schmidt and Monschau on 9 November 1944. After a period of defensive patrolling, the division attacked toward the Roer and Urft Dams on 13 December 1944 against heavy resistance from the West Wall. On 16 December 1944 the German Ardennes Counteroffensive hit the division which was partially surounded and suffered heavy losses before Elsenborn Ridge. f) Remains not recovered. MIA, Tablets of the Missing at Ardennes American Cemetery, Neupre, Belgium. g) John McGilvray, P.O. Box 164, Bolton Landing, New York 12814, same company at Fannin, together in ASTP at Lousiana State University and in combat with the 99th. See also story in Camp Fannin Guidon, Winter 1993-94, "So long, Johnny Lindholm". Picture here shows Johnny at the end of basic training at Fannin. h) Bronze Star Medal, Purple Heart, Combat Infantry Badge.

LIPPERT, Vernon E., Pvt., a) Verona, LaMoure County, North Dakota. c) 24 Jan 1945, near Aldringen, Belgium. f) American Military Cemetery, 3 February 2016.

LLOYD, Richard B., PFC, 39333746. a) Washington state. b) July-Oct. 43, 68/14. c) 12 Nov. 44, Alsace, France. d) 410/103. e) Stanton: The division arrived at Marseille, France on 20 Oct. 44 and relieved the 3rd Inf. Div. at Chevry 8-9 Nov. 44. f) American Cemetery, Epinal, France, Plot B, Row 3, Grave 16. g) Harold O. Rorem, 4112 Janet Lane, Brooklyn Center, Minnesota 55429, who writes: "Took basic training at Camp Fannin at the same time, ASTP at Texas A&M together, and together in the 103rd." Death listed on page 78 of 103rd Div. history, "The Trail of the Cactus". h) Purple Heart, Combat Infantry Badge.

LOCKHART, Charles, PFC, 35757553, DOB Nov. 3, 1924. a) Wood County, West Virginia . b) C/56/12. c) April 15, 1945, near Asin, Luzon, north of Baguio. d) 130/33. e) Stanton: The 130th Infantry Regiment captured Asin on 12 April 1945, but further advance was halted by a Japanese tunnel complex nearby. Ground assault of the Asin Tunnels was suspended 15 April 1945 while artillery bombardment was employed to soften up the strongpoint. f) Foley Cemetery, South Parkersburg,Wood County, West Virginia. g) Gale F. Keen, P.O. Box 162, Spencer, West Virginia 25276, fellow trainee at Fannin. Charles’ girl friend wrote to Gale about his death. Further information provided in July 2009 by Shane Olson of Halma, Minnesota, who provided a grave memorial page created by Theresa Lockhart Stockdale. h) Purple Heart, Combat Infantry Badge.

LORD, Eugene J., PFC, 36977975. b) C/59/12. c) 25 December 1944, Battle of Bulge. d) 318/80. e) Stanton: The division assembled in the Arlon, Luxembourg area 20 December 1944 and took Merzig after heavy combat on 23 December 1944. It contained numerous German attacks at Heiderscheid and Ettelbruck and advanced to the Sauer on 24 December 1944. The division checked German assaults near Ringel and blocked roads around Ettelbruck and Mostroff. f) Luxembourg American Military Cemetery. g) Son, Daniel J. Lord, 643 Lexington Drive, Saline, MI 48176. h) Purple Heart, Combat Infantry Badge.

LOWERY, Samuel L., PFC, 34160018. a) Fort Payne, DeKalb County, Alabama. Turner, 507 W. Wilson St,,Tyler, Texas, was a mess sergeant in Fannin unit friend. He loved life but it didn’t last long.” Updated 29 Jan 2020.