Camp Fannin Roll of Honor

The continued work of Elmer Horne

Fannin Veterans who died in uniform during World War II
All gave some, but some gave all.



Star thru Trotter

STARR, Donald R. d) Member of the 3rd Battalion, 401st Glider Infantry Regiment, which served as the 3rd Battalion of the 325th GIR, 82nd Airborne Division. f) American Military Cemetery, Henri-Chapelle, Belgium. g) Terry Hirsch, Indianapolis, Indiana. h) Purple Heart, Combat Infantry Badge. Posted 3 February 2016. More infonnation to come.

STROUSE, Liston, Pvt. c) 18 June 45, Luzon, P.I. d) L/148/37. e) Killed by machine gun fire while attacking a Japanese strong point. g) Don Ely, RR 1, Cornell, Illinois 61319-9801. Don says he did not know deceased but that they were in the same company, probably in another platoon.

SWANN, Ferdinand R., Pvt. a) Doniphan, Missouri. b) D/52/11. c) 22 June 44, France. d) B/23/2. e) Stanton: "The [2nd] Div. landed on the evening of 7 June 44 across Omaha Beach and was committed in the Foret de Cerisy and next attacked across the Elle and Aure Rivers. It assaulted the German strongpoint position on top of Hill 192 which commanded the approaches to St. Lo on 12 June 44. Fierce fighting for Hill 192 continued through June." f) Normandy American Cemetery. g) Howard H. Hoblet, 6628 Tully-Harrison Road, Convoy, Ohio 45832, company clerk D/52/11 both at Camp Robinson, Arkansas and Camp Fannin. Learned of deceased’s death from Letter 4, dated Jan. 1, 1945, sent out to former members of D/52/11 by John B. Culbertson, then stationed in Ft. Meade, Md. Further information from Ferdinand R. Swann’s grand niece, Tanya Banderman,

SWISHER, Robert Benjamin, Pvt. a) Kirksville, Missouri. b) Aug. 44-Jan. 45. c) 28 April 45, Luzon, P.I. f) Greencastle Cemetery, Green City, Missouri. g) Walter D. Straight, 3101 S. Route O, Columbia, Missouri 65203-9281, who writes: "The Swisher boys, Carroll and Robert, are cousins. They were inducted together, trained in the same company at Camp Fannin, home on leave together Christmas 1944, went overseas together, both severely wounded together, in same hospital, where Robert died."

TAYLOR, Robert R., Cpl., 38545302. a) Corrigan, Texas. b) Winter-Spring 1944, D/62/13, transferred in April 1944 to A/56/12. c) 7 August 1944, Anzo, France. d) 110/28. e) Stanton: "The 28th Infantry Division landed in Normandy, France on 22 July 1944 and entered the hedgerow struggle north and west of St. Lo. Advancing slowly against determined German defenders, it took Percy 1 August 1944 and overran Gathemo with 2nd Armored Division assistance on 10 August 1944." f) U. S. Military Cemetery, Le Chene-Guerin, 14 miles south of St. Lo, Plot E, Row 6, Grave 113. Repatriated and buried on or about 29 April 1949 at Union Springs Cemetery, Corrigan (Polk County), Texas. g) Niece, Joyce Mosley, 6103 Egypt, Pasadena, Texas 77505, h) Mrs. Mosley, three years old at the time of her uncle’s death, says "I remember my mother receiving a late-night telegram and sitting down on the side of the bed and crying. I remember going to Robert’s funeral after his body was returned to Corrigan, Texas."

TENLEY, William H. a) Iowa. c) 1944, Leyte, P.I. f) Stanwood, Iowa. g) Mrs. Janet Taylor, Kilgore, Texas, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Percy Werner of Tyler, transmitted by Mrs. Ruby Neilson, Gordon’s widow, 417 Bond St., Hillsboro, Texas 76645-2332. Ruby writes: "Mrs. Taylor got hold of guest register from the First Baptist Church, Tyler, signed during the war, and began to try to track the signees. She took the state of Iowa as her project. She had really fantastic results. The people of Iowa are so helpful and friendly. Some of the newspapers, Chambers of Commerce, country clerks, etc. wrote to say that they knew some of the veterans, including William H. Tenley, were deceased." See also story about Mrs. Taylor in Camp Fannin Guidon, Spring 1997 issue, page 2, "God Bless The Children".

THOMAS, Carl, Pvt. b) Aug-Dec 43, A/81. c) 20 Oct 44, Leyte, P.I. g) Eric Diller, 504 Via La Selva, Redondo Beach, CA 90277; (310) 375-2024;; in same barracks with deceased at Camp Fannin.

THOMAS, Raymond P., Sgt., 31389683. a) Massachusetts. b) D/52/11. c) 18 Dec. 44, France. d) 30/3. e) Stanton: "The [3rd] Div. emerged from the Vosges onto the Alsatian Plain and entered Strasbourg 27 Nov. 44. On 5 Dec. 44 the division began its attack toward the Maginot Line and cleared Bennwihr 24 Dec. 44." f) Epinal American Cemetery, France, Plot B, Row 41, Grave 1. g) Howard H. Hoblet, 6628 Tully-Harrison, Convoy, Ohio 45832, company clerk D/52/11 both at Camp Robinson, Arkansas and Camp Fannin. Learned of Raymond Thomas’s death from Letter 4, dated 1 Jan. 45, sent out to former members of D/52/11 by John B. Culbertson, then stationed at Ft. Meade, Md

TIEMANN, Edgar B. ("Boots"). b) March-Sept. 44. c) 17 April 45, Tanne, Germany. d) L/3/16/1. e) Excerpts from letter from daughter, Patricia Tiemann Fabri: "He was wounded in the Battle of Hurtgen Forest on 23 Nov. 44, sent to England for surgery and rehabilitation and back to his unit in March 45." Stanton: "On 8 April 45 the [1st] Division was called up to force the Weser River after the 3rd Armd Div had reached it only to find all the bridges blown. The 16th and 18th Infantry Regiments expanded the bridgehead . With the 4th Cavalry Group attached, the division was tasked with mopping up along the edge of the Harz Mountains. The bypassed German troops were encircled commencing 12 April 45 and organized resistance ended by 20 April 45." g) Daughter, Patricia Tiemann Fabri, 3715 W. Calavar Rd., Phoenix, Arizona 85053. h) Deceased was 32 at time of death.

TINKER, Eugene, Pvt., 31401988. a) Maine. b) Sept.-Dec. 44, C/64/13 and C/58/12. c) 26 Feb. 45, Luxembourg. d) I/304/76. e) Stanton: "The [76th] Div. crossed the Pruem River 24-25 Feb. 45 and regrouped, as the 304th Inf. Regt. crossed the Nims at

TROTTER, George I. ("GI"). a) Iowa. b) C/64/13. c) Aug. 44, Italy. g) Edgar W. Henley, Route 1, Box 66A, Emmet, Arkansas 71835. Edgar and "GI" were fellow cadremen in C/64/13, along with another Roll of Honor hero, Wayne W. Dahlstedt. The three are shown together in a 1944 photo, printed on page 3 of the Fall 1999 issue of Camp Fannin Guidon.