Camp Fannin Roll of Honor

The continued work of Elmer Horne

Fannin Veterans who died in uniform during World War II
All gave some, but some gave all.


Tucker thru Wright

TUCKER, Raymond J., PFC, 35907914. a) Indiana. b) Sept.-Dec. 44, C/64/13 and C/58/12. c) 16 March 45, Germany. d) F/276/70. e) Stanton: "Divisional patrols reached the outposts of the West Wall on 6 Mar 45. The German forces withdrew 13 March 45 and the division began pursuit operations immediately, driving north to the Saar and crossing into Germany 14 March 45. Saarbruecken was attacked on 15 March 45." f) Lorraine American Cemetery, St. Avold, France, Plot E, Row 6, Grave 10. g) Carl A. Settle, 124 Culotta Drive, Hampton, Virginia 23666. See also item "Rosters Available" on page 3 of the February 2003 issue of Camp Fannin Guidon.

VEIL, William.T., PFC, 33762987. a) Johnstown, Pennsylvania. b) July-Dec. 43. c) 23 June 1944, near Cherbourg, France. d) 8/4. e) Stanton: The 4th Div. , reinforced by the 359th Inf. of the 90th Inf. Div., assaulted Utah Beach, France with the 8th Inf. leading 6 June 44. The 8th Inf. Regt. relieved the isolated 82nd Airborne Div. at Ste. Mere-Eglise and countered several German attacks 7 June 44. The following day the division began its drive on the Cotentin Peninsula toward Cherbourg, and the 22nd Inf. Regt. took Azeville fort and Ozeville 9 June 44 with naval gunfire support. The division reached Cherbourg’s main defenses by 21 June 44 and on 22 June 44 began its assault . On 25 June 44 it breached the fortress city and garrisoned it until relieved at the end of the month by the 101st Airborne Division." f) Normany American Cemetery, St. Laurent-sur-Mer, France. g) Emory A. Domen, 1990 Minno Drive, Johnstown, PA 15905-1172, who writes: "William Veil lived a quarter-mile from my home and was housed in the barracks next to mine during 17 weeks of basic training at Fannin. I have been to France many times and always paid my respects to his final resting place." Additional information provided by Carl A. Settle, 124 Culotta Drive, Hampton, Virginia 23666.

WALDO, Duane, PFC. a) Kalamazoo, Michigan. b) July-Sept. 43. c) January 1945, Battle of the Bulge. d) 17th Airborne Division. e) Stanton: " The 17th Airborne Division was flown to the Reims area of France 23-25 Dec. 44 by emergency night flights and assembled at Mourmelon. The division defended the Meuse River from Givet to Verdun 27-31 Dec. 44 and relieved the 28th Inf. Div. in the Neufchateau area 1 Jan. 45. It attacked 3 Jan 45 five miles northwest of Bastogne and was strongly opposed at Dead Man’s Ridge, capturing Rechrival and Flamierge on 7 Jan. 45. The division gained then lost the high ground north of Laval and was forced out of Flamierge by German counterattack on 8 Jan. 45. On 11 Jan. 45 the German forces commenced withdrawal and the division moved up to retake Flamierge the next day.

Salle fell without opposition on 13 Jan. 45, and the following day the 507th Parachute Infantry (attached) secured Bertogne while the 194th Glider Inf. took Givroulle and the division reached the Ourthe River. It took over the Hardingny-Houffalize line on 18 Jan. 45 and by 20 Jan. 45 had advanced beyond Tavigny. Steinbach and Limerle were occupied 22 Jan. 45 and the division continued behind the retreating Germans to take Espeler and Wattermal by 26 Jan. 45, when it was relieved by the 87th Inf. Div." f) Kalamazoo, Michigan. g) Joseph H. Quade, 4 Cain Court, Montville, New Jersey 02045, who was at Camp Fannin at the same time as Duane Waldo and also attended M.I.T. with him in the ASTP program. Joe Quade is also a 17th A/B Div. combat vet and editor of the Division Association’s publication, Thunder From Above. Purple Heart,
Combat Infantry Badge.

WALSH, Robert, PFC, 31435231. a) Massachusetts. c) 6 April 45, Germany. d) 290/75. e) Stanton: "The 75th Inf. Div. attacked across the Dortmund-Ems Canal at Waltrop on 4 April 45 and began clearing the approaches to Dortmund. The division was reinforced by the 320th Inf. Regt. and reached the Ruhr at Witten with four regiments, taking two bridges intact on 11 April 45." f) Netherlands American Cemetery, Margraten, Netherlands, Plot P, Row 20, Grave 16. g) Carl A. Settle, 124 Culotta Drive, Hampton, Virginia 23666. h) Won Air Medal with Gold Star.

WEBER, Robert E., Pvt., 36918499. a) Pontiac, Illinois. b) Oct. 1944-March 1945, D/51/11. c) 15 April 1945, Torfhaus, Germany. d) H/26/1. e) Per letter from Pvt. Weber’s company commander, 1st Lt. Paul C. Heath, to his father, Walter C. Weber: "On the 15th day of April 1945, you son’s company was assigned the mission of cutting a German-held road in the vicinity of Torfhaus, Germany. As the attack progressed, the company encountered enemy tanks which were set up as a defense against our advancing elements. Heavy fire was exchanged by both sides, and it was during this engagement that your son, while carrying ammunition for his machine gun squad, was killed by shrapnel from an exploding shell fired by an enemy tank. As his commanding officer, I want to assure you that he died as a soldier, fighting on the field of battle against the enemies of our country. He was killedinstantly with no suffering or lingering pain." f) American Military Cemetery near Ittenbach, Germany; re-interred Patty Cemetery, Pontiac, Illinois. g) Donald and Jo Ely, RR #1, Cornell, Illinois 61319

WELSH, Burl W. Jr. Pvt., 38687328. a) Oklahoma b) 1944 c) 22 April 1945, Okinawa f) Turlock, California. g) <> .

WENNER, Carl Finley, Pvt., 33940037. a) Knox, Pennsylvania. b) May-Oct. 44, D/51/11. c) 10 Dec. 44, Saarlautern, Germany. d) 379/95. e) Stanton: "The 379th Inf. Regt. battled into Saarlautern and crossed the bridge there 4 Dec. 44, driving into the West Wall. In house-to-house fighting and combat through mazes of pillboxes, the Saarlautern Bridgehead Battles commenced the same day. The 379th and 377th fought the Battle of Fraulautern, and the 379th fought the Battle for Saarlautern-Roden, until the division was relieved in line on 18 Dec. as the 5th Inf. Div. took over the fighting." f) Lorraine American Cemetery, St. Avold, France, Plot B, Row 23, Grave 11. g) Widow, Marie E. Wenner, Rt. 1, Cranberry, Pennsylvania 16319-9801. h) Carl Wenner was 31 years old and the father of four children at his death.

WILDEVELD, Simion G., Pvt., 36915611. a) Cook County, Illinois. g) Carl A. Settle, 124 Culotta Drive, Hampton, Virginia 23666.

WRIGHT, Ralph E., PFC, 38687793. a) Cooper, Texas. b) May-Oct. 44. c) 18 Jan. 45, German POW facility. d) L/315/79. e) Ralph Wright died while a prisoner of war as the result of wounds received in action 11 January. Stanton: "The 79th Div. reached the Lauter River at Schiebenhardt on 15 Dec. 44 and held defensive lines at Wissembourg until 2 Jan. 45. It then moved to the southern portion of the Rhine River. The Germans established a bridgehead at Gambsheim and by 6 Jan. the division had battled through Stattmatten to relieve encircled elements of the task force. German attacks forced the 315th Inf. out of Hatten and Rittershoffen, and by 12 Jan. the 14th Armd Div and 103rd Inf Div were committed to the battle." f) U.S. Military Cemetery, St. Avold, France. g) Widow, Doris Toon Alley, 3177 Hwy. 154, Cooper, Texas 75432.