Camp Fannin Roll of Honor

The continued work of Elmer Horne

Fannin Veterans who died in uniform during World War II
All gave some, but some gave all.


Yeaple thru Zeigler

YEAPLE, Andrew Z., PFC, 42001056. a) New Jersey. b) July-Oct. 43, C/63/13. c) 13 Dec. 44, near the German West Wall. Elsenborn nearest large town. d) B/395/99. e) Ltr. from Robert R. Pierce: " During our attack on fortified positions of the West Wall, Andy was killed." Stanton: "The 99th Div. landed at Le Havre, France on 3 Nov. 44 and assembled at Aubel, Belgium, and entered the line north of the Roer River between Schmidt and Monschau on 9 Nov. After a period of defensive patrolling, the division attacked toward the Roer and Urft Dams on 13 Dec. against heavy resistance from the West Wall." f) Henri Chappelle Military Cemetery, Belgium, Plot D, Row 10, Grave 37. g) Robert R. Pierce, 9420 – 37 Ave. S.W., Seattle, Washington 98126, who writes: "Andy and I went through basic training together at Fannin, then were together in the ASTP program at Louisiana State University. We were sent to the 99th Inf. Div. in March of 1944, and were subsequently assigned to the same squad in B/395/99. I had a chance to visit his gravesite in 1989."

ZACHARY, Harry, PFC, 39417993. a) Fresno, California. b) Sept. 43-Feb. 44, C/52/11. c) 30 Oct. 44, France. d) 157/45. e) Stanton: "The 157 Inf. Regt. took Girmont 24 Sept. 44 and the division entered the western foothills of the Vosges. After severe fighting, Bruyeres fell 19 Oct. and after several attempts managed a bridgehead across the Morgagne near Fremifontaine 22-23 Oct. As the division was pushing slowly toward Raon-l’Etape west of the Meurthe. It was relieved 1-9 Nov and moved to a rest area." f) Epinal American Cemetery, France, Plot B, Row 12, Grave 10. g) Winston A. Bailey, 27211, Cranford Lane, Dearborn Heights, Michigan 48127, who writes: "Harry was a dear best friend. We took basic training together, same platoon. Looking for Harry, I visited his mother after the war and she told me that he had been killed."

ZANG, Robert J., PFC., 36915409 a) Muskegon Heights, Michigan. b) D/61/13. c) 9 June 1945, Okinawa. f) Norton Cemetery, Norton Shores, Michigan. g) Thomas Vermilya, Jr., 3808 Pontaluna Road, Fruitport, Michigan 49415, who wrote: "We trained together at Fannin and Fort Ord, and went to Hawaii where we were separated. I learned of his death by a letter from home."

ZEIGLER, Clarence L., Sr. b) D/52/11. c) Anzio. g) Howard H. Hoblet, 6628 Tully-Harrison Road, Convoy, Ohio 45832, company clerk D/52/11 both at Camp Robinson, Arkansas and Camp Fannin. Learned of deceased’s death from Letter 4, dated Jan. 1, 1945, sent out to former members of D/52/11 by John B. Culbertson, then stationed in Ft. Meade, Md.